The purpose of this site is to serve as a commentary on the current state of the news media and to promote discussion.
These scales represent the political leanings/bias of news and radio pundits in the United States.
Here a political pundit is defined as anyone who offers their opinion or commentary via mass-media. (wikipedia)

The Scale

The placement of each pundit is based on general observation, although those observations are skewed towards impressions in "new media" such as blogs and twitter postings. The actual placement could be seen as somewhat arbitrary; the purpose is to portray the general perception of today's pundits.

The USA Political Pundit Scale. Comparing Conservative/Liberal Pundit views. Political/Media bias comparison.

Weak Self-Analysis

Strangely, most pundits and news networks claim to be centrists and to always portray an unbiased analysis.
Where do you think you are? Where do others think you are?

How the USA Political Pundits view their own positions. Most Pundits think of themselves as 'in the middle'.

Skewed Observations

Those on the left/right tend to view things differently than they actually are.
Since the center is so misplaced, each side views the other side as much more "extreme" than they actually are. This explains where so much anger and mistrust comes from.

How the 'Left' side views the USA Political Pundit Scale How the 'Right' side views the USA Political Pundit Scale
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